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The ZZ9 September 2012 podcast has news, history and what ZZ9 are up to, with the focus in this edition on Simon Brett and John Lloyd who will be talking about Hitchhiker's at Sherborne Literary Festival.


Sherborne Literary Festival

2013 Douglas Adams Memorial LectureThe lecturer is Adam Rutherford

Jim Henson's Diary Entry for when he met Douglas

Simon Brett's Website

The Fourth Doctor Soundtracks:Pirate Planet CD. ISBN: 9781471301445.Destiny of the Daleks CD. ISBN: 9781471301469.City of Death CD. ISBN: 9781471301483

Recent / Forthcoming Related Books:The Philosophy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, edited by Nicholas Joll. ISBN: 9780230291126A Curious Invitation: The Forty Greatest Parties in Literature. ISBN: 9781447209553Launch party for A Curious Invitation

ZZ9 Events:Stafford Slouch - Saturday 27th OctoberAGM - Saturday 10th November at the Park Inn Hotel, Nottingham, embedded in Novacon 42.Colchester Slouch - Saturday 15th December