Download ZZ9 Podcast August 2012

ZZ9's podcast for August 2012 includes the latest Hitchhiker's and Douglas Adams news. It looks back to the Augusts of 1982 and 1998, and also tells you what ZZ9 are up to in the near future.


The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Radio Show Live! have a WebsiteTwitter Feed and Facebook Page. The tour is over but the Shop was still up and running last time I checked.

John Lloyd on Infinite Monkey Cage. Look for the show, "16 July 12: Parallel Universes".

Simon Jones on Quote...Unquote.

Hitchhiker's script books on Kindle:The first two series, the Primary and Secondary Phases are: The Original Radio Scripts. ISBN: 9781447204886.The last three series, are the Tertiary, Quandary and Quintessential Phases. ISBN: 9781447227588.

Issue 26 of Sci Fi & Fantasy Modeller.ISBN: 9780956905352.

The British Comedy Society which should have details of the Graham Chapman plaque event.

Out of the Trees on YouTube

Launch party for A Curious Invitation

Hilary Townsend's book Silk Hay: One Woman's Fight for Architectural Heritage. ISBN: 9781780881461.

ZZ9 Events: Blackpool Slouch, Saturday 22nd September 2012 Stafford Slouch, Saturday 27th October 2012