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Weblinks for December 2011 PodcastDouglas Adams 60th Party - Sunday March 11th 2012. TicketsHitchhiker Live tour in 2012 - June / July 2012Howl's Moving Castle at the Southwark Playhouse - November 27th 2011 - January 7th 2012Hitchhiker's iPad App - "Fall" 2011H2G2Science Fiction Masterworks Edition of Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyShada Novelisation by Gareth RobertsPicocon. A One day Science Fiction convention in London.2012 Eastercon. 2012 near Heathrow, 2013 probably in Bradford.Towel Day. The annual celebration of Douglas Adams's life and work.Green Ginger. Chris Pirie's puppet group in Bristol.ZZ9 London Pubmeet. Third Wednesday of the month in The Wheatsheaf, London BridgeZZ9 Facebook GroupZZ9 Twitter - @ZZ9NewsZZ9 RSS News FeedZZ9 Yahoo Mailing List. This is MEMBERS only - email bounce (at) with your membership number to be added.