ZZ9 runs or participates in lots of events throughout the year - mostly in the UK.



Slouches are the most common event that we do. The idea is that we travel to somewhere new, and slouch around. OK - you are encouraged to come if you live there, because we will want your advice about what to do and see. We usually gather at the local train station about lunch time and see the sights. Pubs may be involved at some point so please tell us if any minors are coming along. What has this got to do with Hitchhikers? Well, you can look it up.

Beeblebears Picnic

Once a year we hold a picnic where the guest of honour are our two headed friends the Beeblebears. If you don't have a Beeblebear then please bring along any other stuffed childhood friend.

Towel Picnic

Once a year we hold a picnic to celebrate towels. They are also mighty useful to put on the ground to have your picnic on. Traditionally the Towel picnic is held in a different place to the Beeblebears


Once a year we hold a meeting to vote in a new committee, amend the constitution, and argue about why a club such as ours still exists in this day of the internet.


Our members help run lots of science fiction events, and sometimes they are even specifically about Hitchhikers. At the bigger conventions like Hitchcon and Eastercon we will have a significant presence, sell merchandise, and even organise programme items. This is often a good opportunity to join. There may also be a Beeblebear's picnic for convention attendees.

Pub Meets

What English society would be without the mandatory "gathering in an ale house to consume beer". There are regular pub meetings in central London, Croydon, and other places across the globe. In particular there is the http://zz9.org/events/londonpub.htmlLondon pub meet in the Wheatsheef


One big special event was "Forty Two Day" on the 10th of the 10th of the 10th. 101010 is 42 in binary, see. For more information see our Forty Two Day mini site. Forty Two Day events happened worldwide!


We have a calendar on this site with which you can see some of our events - but this is fed from our Google Calendar which you may want to look at directly.