ZZ9 depends on its members—but each year a small group of people are selected to act as the committee. We are governed by a constitution which helps us stay true to our non profit roots. We meet every so often to agree how to run the club activities: the events and publications.

In November all of these positions will be up for election at the AGM so if you are thinking of helping out your club then NOW is the time to find out more.

Traditionally these roles have formed the committee:

Mostly Harmless Editor

Our magazine is a lot more professional than most club fanzines. This is down to the hard work of the editor who solicits articles from members and collates them once a quarter. (Well we aim for once a quarter, but sometimes it is three issues a year, and sometimes five.)

Currently Alan Sullivan

Meetings Organiser

Arranges Slouches around the country and occasionally abroad, and the annual Beeblebears Picnic. 

Currently vacant

Merchandise Officer

The merchandise officer both sells ZZ9 material by post and obtains new merchandise with agreement from the committee. This job requires significant space—and some say free time—but can be very rewarding as people really like our Beeblebears, t-shirts and towels.

Currently Carrie


This person keeps track of the members database—accepting new members and making sure that they are reminded when their membership needs to be renewed.

Currently Deborah Fishburn


This person helps run the website and try to raise the profile of ZZ9 in the outside world—typically through Facebook. 

Currently Robert Rucker


The Treasurer keeps track of the money throughout the year and complains that the committee don't spend enough!


The Secretary helps us do admin-type things like make sure we've recorded what we agreed in committee meetings. The secretary also helps run the annual elections

Currently vacant


Not sure what the president does. Must be important though.

Currently Susan Griffiths

Person I've forgotten

Oh yeah—you. The society still needs volunteers. We need volunteers to help with selling merchandise at conventions, and running events, and doing publicity at other events, and all that sort of thing.